Monday, January 27, 2014 article on voter registration deadline

The deadline to register to vote or update one's address for the February elections in Michigan is Monday, January 27, 2013.
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Deadline to register for February election is Monday
While the next elections in Michigan are a month away, the deadline to register to vote is tomorrow.

All those who wish to vote on February 25th must be registered to vote by Monday, January 27th.  Michigan residents can find out if they are already registered by filling out the online form at the Secretary of State website.  However, if one has moved to a new city or township, one must re-register.  Also, if one has moved from one residence to another within a city or township, one must update the address.  Normally, that happens when the address on a driver's license is changed at the Secretary of State's office.
In Washtenaw County, residents of Salem Township will be joining others in the Salem-South Lyon Library District in voting on a millage proposal.
More details at the link in the headline.  Also, welcome to the next installment of Save the libraries, save civilization.

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