Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hercules leaves behind a snow day

I just came in from shoveling the sidewalk and driveway and digging out my wife's car Ruby, so I'm cold and tired and in no mood to compose something serious.  Instead, I just want to whine about the weather.  WXYZ just happens to have the videos to let me indulge myself.

First, here's Braving the cold in Detroit with T-Baby from yesterday.

T-Baby is the star, but the guy shoveling his driveway looks like me.

Follow over the jump for today's weather and a comment about snow days from John Kerfoot of Not So Pure Michigan.

Today, it was just as bad, as a lot of people, like my wife, had to drive as seen in Coping with the snow.

The snow continued until 2 PM, which happens to be exactly when I went outside to shovel, as reported in Winter Weathe[r] Advisory.

Brr.  Of course, the first heavy snowfall reminds me of this John Kerfoot Pure Michigan parody, Pure Michigan: Snow Days.

At least we got more than five inches, and I got a snow day.  Vacation extended until tomorrow!

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