Friday, January 31, 2014 article on snowiest month in Detroit

Detroit just finished its snowiest month ever. At least one Detroiter coped by cross-country skiing down Woodward.
Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images
January 2013 snowiest month in Detroit history
Yet another Detroit weather record fell this morning.

First, last year was the wettest in Michigan history.  Then, Detroit broke its for January snowfall.  Now, this month is not only the snowiest January in the Motor City's history, but its snowiest month ever recorded.

As of 7:00 A.M., the National Weather Service office in White Lake measured 39.1 inches of snow falling at Metro Airport.  Not only is that 9.5 inches more than the previous record for the month of 29.6 inches set in 1978, but more than half an inch greater than the previous maximum for the most snowfall in a month of 38.4 inches, set 106 years ago in February 1908.
Lots more at the link in the headline, including Flint having its snowiest January on record, Detroit having its sixth coldest January and eighth coldest month ever, and Detroit having its snowiest first two months of a snow season on record.  As if that's not enough, February is usually snowier than January and there are 4-7 inches more coming tomorrow and Sunday.

Also, Record broken for January snowfall in Detroit has been my most popular article ever, with at least 1000 page views and 116 Facebook shares.  It's been among the five most popular science articles on all week long, including two stints at number one.

And that's it for January.  Pressure's off!

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