Sunday, January 12, 2014

Golden Globes song nominees and winner

I made a programming note to conclude the movie portion of Politics, science fiction, and fantasy at the Golden Globes.
As for the best songs, I will actually be able to make a judgment--after I listen to them.  Stay tuned.
Here are the three songs I mentioned in the previous installment, Ordinary Love from Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Let It Go from Frozen, and Atlas from Hunger Games Catching Fire.

First, U2 - Ordinary Love (From Mandela OST) Lyric Video.

This was the song that had the greatest emotional effect on me, the same way that "Skyfall" had on me last year.  Based on that criterion, it's my favorite.*

Next, Disney's Frozen "Let It Go" Sequence Performed by Idina Menzel.

In this clip from Disney's "Frozen," Elsa, whose secret powers have just been revealed, flees Arendelle and unleashes her magic, creating a breathtaking ice palace. Performed by the voice of Elsa, Idina Menzel, "Let It Go" is an original song by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Tony Award®-winner Robert Lopez.
I really enjoyed this performance, because I could watch it in context with the events in the story and enjoy the visuals, but the song by itself, as performed by Demi Lovato, left me cold, pun not intended.  On that note, I preferred U2's song.

Finally, Coldplay - Atlas (Hunger Games: Catching Fire)(Lyric).

I appreciated the astonomical theme of the video, including the cameos by the Mockingjay as a constellation, but I found the song inferior.  Just like the the song nominee from "The Hunger Games" last year, I do not expect this to get an Oscar nomination.  If it does, it won't win.

*As I was typing the above, this tweet came in: "U2. Bono. Best Original Song. Legends talking about the legendary Nelson Mandela. Amazing."  Heh, called it.

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