Wednesday, February 26, 2014 article on library millage passing

The millage increase for the Salem South Lyon District Library passed Tuesday.
Credit: Salem South Lyon District Library Facebook page.
I concluded article on voter registration deadline by wishing my readers "welcome to the next installment of Save the libraries, save civilization."  I'm happy to report that civilization won.

Salem-South Lyon Library millage passes
Voters approved the millage for the Salem-South Lyon District Library overwhelmingly Tuesday night with 1205 yes votes (72.94%) to 447 no votes (27.06%).  Turnout was light, with 12.40% of all registered voters casting ballots.

The millage increased property taxes by $0.495 on each $1,000 dollars of taxable value on eligible property within the Salem-South Lyon Library District for a period of twenty years beginning this year and ending in 2033 to fund library operations.  For 2014, the measure is estimated to bring in a total of $310,103 from all eligible properties.
With the millage passing, the library thanked the voters on its website, saying that because of their support, the library will be able to continue the level of service its patrons have come to expect.
More at the link, including a comparison and contrast of how the residents of the City of South Lyon and Salem Township voted on the issue, the reasons for the millage, and a counterfactual about what would have happened if the millage had failed.   Good thing it didn't.

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