Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Perspectives: maps of the territory

I found the above graphics in Recharting Collapseniks over at The Great Change Blog thanks to Progress4What over at Kunstler's blog.  Both appear to be very good mental maps of where bloggers on the environment fall relative to their views of the future and how to achieve it.  I can certainly use them to not only understand where people such as Kunstler, Greer, and Orlov stand on issues, which determines their perspectives, but also to clarify my own thinking.  I believe that would be very useful.  If nothing else, doing so would make good blogging fodder.

Speaking of perspectives, note the circles connected by an arrow moving from the upper left hand corner to the lower right.  That movement was one of the events that Greer describes in A Bargain with the Archdruid.  I have my response and Greer's reply saved.  Stay tuned for me to post it this week.

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