Friday, February 14, 2014

Good news for now as corner station lowers prices

I opened and closed The spring gas price rise has finally begun by reporting where prices were and forecasting where they'd go next
Sure enough, all of the rest of the stations in the neighborhood were selling at $3.39.  I was pretty sure that the corner station would match them by the evening.  When I came home, it had.
The neighborhood stations are actually over the metro area average.  That's not usual for them, so I expect their prices will hold steady for a while.
The three stations down the street are still at $3.39, so the holding steady is still happening.  Their prices are 36 cents cheaper than at this time last year, as I had also forecast.  That's not the best news.  The corner station dropped its price to $3.35, so it's selling gas for 40 cents a gallon less than last year.  It's also a decline from the previous report, which is what I save Professor Farnsworth for.

As for how long this good news will last, probably until sometime between tomorrow and Tuesday, when stations usually raise prices.  Although Gas Buddy is showing that Detroit prices fell from the time of the last report, they've leveled off at $3.34.  Also, the national average has continued rising slowly and steadily and is now at $3.32.  I expect that will start dragging prices up.

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