Saturday, February 15, 2014

The physics of figure skating

Both Discovery News and the National Science Foundation are posting videos about the science of the Winter Olympics.  So far, they have overlapped on only one topic--the physics of figure skating.  I'm giving the real scientists over at the NSF the first word with Science of the Olympic Winter Games: Figure Skating Physics.

Figure skating has become one of the most popular events at the Winter Olympics. Head of the Physics Department at the University of Michigan Brad Orr explains that good balance, or stability, is basic to everything a skater does--and that begins with understanding the center of mass.
Discovery News has their own take on the subject, sending Laci Green on a location shot in The Physics of Figure Skating.

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics have begun! Feeling inspired, Laci thought it would be fun to do some research of her own. So, watch as she takes to the ice to interview some professional figure skaters, learn the physics of figure skating, and view some of the incredible moves these skaters can perform!
Cool, pun intended.

I'll have more from both NSF and DNews, along with LiveScience's science- and technology-themed coverage of the Winter Olympics later.

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