Sunday, February 23, 2014

Post-apocalyptic book list

I’m getting over my “I can’t be all DOOM all the time” mood, but I’m not completely out of it.  Consequently, I’m going to resume posting about the links that the universe (actually, my news feed and research) have dumped into my lap that tie into my previous conversations with the Archdruid beginning with the lightest one possible.  Ironically, it’s all about doom, but in an entertaining way: The Post-Apocalyptic Book List.  This is a resource I found while getting prepared to write The Archdruid and I have a conversation about science fiction.  It lists more than 2000 works by title, author, date, type of catastrophe, and genre.  As comprehensive as it is, the 11 pages do not list one of the books Greer and I discussed, “Star Man’s Son,” although they do include “The Pastel City,” “Hiero’s Journey,” and “Breed to Come.”

The same site also lists e-books (only 20 so far), movies (143 so far--there are some glaring omissions, such as all three of the most recent zombie movies I’ve watched, “World War Z,” “Warm Bodies,” and “I Am Legend,” although the book is on the appropriate index), and comics (118 titles, which does not include “The Walking Dead”).  There also aren’t any TV shows yet.  Fortunately, there is another page, Suggest a Title.  I think I’ll do just that.  With any luck, the titles will end up on the front page along with all the other recently added works.

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