Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Michigan wind turbines for Earth Day

I included the family travels in my last driving update.
[M]y wife and I will have driven our car to Mount Pleasant and back to drop off a pair of dogs we rescued yesterday from a shelter in Flint.  That's a round trip of 280 miles, so Dez's odometer will have rolled over 46,000 miles by the end of the day...[T]hat's what happens when my wife and I take special trips of first 110 miles round trip to Flint and back and then 280 miles to Mount Pleasant and back.  Rescuing abandoned pets is a cause as dear to us as the environment, so it became a matter of priorities.
One county south of Mt. Pleasant, we passed by the largest wind farm I've ever seen.  Still photographs don't do the turbines justice.  For that, I have to use (someone else's) video.   Take it away, LadyB!

On my drive to Michigan, I spotted these wind turbines. A wind farm is what it was. I was told that these farmers earn a lot of money for allowing these on their land. I was amazed at the size and the number of them. They just seemed to go on forever. This video was taken with my vivitar camcorder and windows movie maker.
That's exactly the same reaction we had.  I told my wife that it felt like we were driving through a zone filled with wind turbines in an MMO.  It was that surreal and awe-inspiring.

LadyB and her subscribers had a lot of questions about the wind farm.  A lot of them are answered in Gratiot Wind posted nearly four years ago by Ben VanDerVeen.

Michigan's largest wind farm is currently under construction in Gratiot County. The development brings hundreds of new jobs, clean energy and opportunity for this farming community.
That answered my questions and gave me more information to pass along to my students just in time for Earth Day.  On that note, Happy Earth Day!

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