Saturday, April 4, 2015

Shortest lunar eclipse in a century on Passover

Fifteen days ago, I posted Equinox, eclipse, and supermoon.  Solar eclipses are always accompanied by a lunar eclipse and last month's event was no exception.  On Demand News reports in Blood Moon rising: Incredible timelapse video captures lunar eclipse.

Los Angeles' Griffith Observatory captured stunning timelapse footage of a total lunar eclipse that took place in the early hours of Saturday. Report by Laurie Blake.
This was the third of four consecutive total lunar eclipsesI missed the first one in the sequence last year because it snowed.  At least, I got a record season snowfall for Detroit to compensate.  I was able to see the second.  I should be able to see the fourth this September, at least if the sky is clear.  If so, it should be spectacular, as it will take place during a supermoon, so the moon will be large and totality long.  I'm looking forward to it.

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