Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter drinks from Tipsy Bartender

To celebrate Easter in a manner befitting an "I can't be all DOOM all the time" mood, I present three drink recipes for the holiday from Tipsy Bartender.*

This year's contribution to having too much fun today is Adult Easter Eggs.

An awesome adult treat for Easter.... ADULT EASTER EGGS! It's an extremely simple, creative, delicious recipe anyone can make and enjoy!
EGGSHELLS : clean and wash out with warm/hot water. Make sure to remove the inner skin of the eggshell. Color with food coloring and sugar.

Whipped Cream Vodka
1 can Sweetened Condensed milk

Garnish with shredded coconut.

In separate cups, mix the following and allow to set in freezer for 1 hour prior to scooping into eggshell.
Green -Midori
Pink - Frozen Strawberries or Cherry Juice
Yellow -Pineapple juice & Pineapple chunks
Purple - Creme de Cassis or Grape KoolAid
That looks easy.  The hardest part is cracking and coloring the eggs.  As for Nikki, if you think she's theologically unsound in this video, you should watch the outtakes!

Follow over the jump for two drinks from previous years.

Nikki returns in the 2013 video Peepin' It Real

This drink is an amazing Easter creation...."PEEPIN' IT REAL." The base of this drink is Absinthe sweeted by the ultimate Easter Candy, Peeps! This drink is also super potent, we light it on fire to prove our point!

2 oz (60ml) Absinthe
1 oz (30ml) Blue Curacao
Splash of Grenadine
Peeps Candy
This probably isn't a bad drink, but absinthe scares me.

From 2012 comes the final recipe, How to make the Easter Egg Cocktail.

Lift your spirits this Easter with...THE EASTER EGG COCKTAIL! This is a fun and colorful drink! After you dye your Easter eggs, relax with one of these! Blue Curacao and Creme de Cacao are combined for a chocolatey blue bottom layer, and half and half is layered on top. As a final festive touch, some jelly beans are dropped in. This is a super cute and light drink that girls will love!
1oz Blue Curacao
1oz Creme de Cocao
1/2oz Half & Half Milk
Jelly Beans
Happy Easter and drink responsibly!

Stay tuned for the Sunday entertainment entry.

*I searched the blog and confirmed that I hadn't wished my readers a happy Easter except in passing as part of 'Years of Living Dangerously' and made a a far bigger deal of the parody holiday Wester.  It was long past time that I correct this oversight.

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