Monday, April 13, 2015

Asteroid redirect for Apophis Day

Happy Apophis Day!  Frequent readers know that April 13th is the day I declared to be Apophis Day in honor of the two predicted fly-byes of Earth by the asteroid Apophis on future April 13ths.  Therefore, it's the date I dedicate to the possibility of an asteroid collision with our planet.

For today's celebration, I present TomoNewsUS reporting Asteroid hitting Earth: NASA Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) will use Enhanced Gravity Tractor.

If that mission looks familiar, it's because I included it as one of the headline stories in Asteroids--near miss and capture plans--in this week's space and astronomy news.  It's also another reason to root for the success of Orion.  Either way, it's definitely a Crazy Eddie scheme.  I approve.

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