Thursday, April 16, 2015

On BlogTalkRadio for Earth Day today

I'm on BlogTalkRadio today, demonstrating that I'm pseudonymous, not anonymous: Earth Day Discussion with Dr. Vince Lamb on Lunch with Louden!
Guest host John Henry welcomes professor and multidisciplinary earth scientist Dr. Vince Lamb ( to Lunch With Louden on Coffee Party Radio Thursday April 16th at 3pm Eastern/Noon Pacific.  With Earth Day 2015 coming next week, we'll be discussing some current events related to the environment and sustainability including the drought in California and whether ongoing efforts to mitigate it by limiting water usage by average citizens is effective, the ongoing debate about fracking, the potential effect on the environment from the proposed sale of federally owned national parks to private corporations, and what we the people can do about any of it.  Join us for all this and more including your calls Thursday at 3pm eastern, noon pacific, on Lunch with Louden at Coffee Party Radio!
To listen, click on the link embedded in the headline.  If you are reading this between 3 and 4 PM EDT (7 and 8 PM GMT and Noon and 1 PM PDT), you have the choice of clicking on the link or calling (646) 929-2495 to listen.  If you call in, you can talk to me and my friend John Henry and wish us an early happy Earth Day--oh, and ask me questions, too.

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