Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Obituaries for the fourth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News

I concluded Discussing Kunstler for the fourth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News on a ghoulish note.
Note that I called one of Kunstler's fellow panelists the late Michael Ruppert.  He will be the subject of the next retrospective, along with another popular obituary from the previous posting year.
Yesterday, at least in the time zone where I live, was the first anniversary of the death of Michael Ruppert.*  It took me a week to write my obituary, My thoughts on Michael Ruppert posted on April 21, 2014.  It ended up being the seventh most read entry of the past blogging year with 535 page views, earning most of its page views through my sharing the link at Kunstler's blog.
While I’m here, Peak Oiler and conspiracy theorist Michael Ruppert committed suicide last week. I left a comment commemorating him at The Archdruid Report, which I recycled at my blog.
I could have included this entry in Conversations with The Archdruid for the fourth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News, but there was no conversation, just my comment.**  Besides, I have another obituary that earned its way into the top 20 to group with Ruppert's.  Follow over the jump for that.

The other obituary to make it into the 20 most read for the fourth year of this blog was May Leonard Nimoy's memory live long and prosper posted on February 28, 2015, making it the most recent entry on the list.  It garnered 496 page views in three weeks to land in tenth place.  Montly meta: top ten entries for February 2015 described how it earned most of those page views.
May Leonard Nimoy's memory live long and prosper was not even on the leader board an hour before the end of the month.  Then I promoted it on the Coffee Party USA Facebook page and it entered the top ten at the last minute, knocking "Paean to the power of poop, a Squirrel Case entry" out.  It earned 396 page views by Noon Monday, good enough for third place with an asterisk.*
*It received about 70 page views between 11 PM and Midnight after already earning about 30, which would have placed it about eighth at the end of the month.  I decided to wait until Monday to allow its potential to play out.  It currently has 401 page views.
I then shared the link at Greer's blog.
On an earlier topic, an icon of the secular religion of progress passed last week, Leonard Nimoy.  I quoted a passage from an obituary of Leonard Nimoy saying that "'Star Trek' was driven by a utopian belief in the power of science and technology to eliminate poverty, end war, cure disease and overcome prejudice. Spock, the Enterprise's tricorder-toting science officer, was the embodiment of that spirit."  No wonder so many mourned.  Among other things the actor and his best-known role symbolized, his passing called attention to the promise and later failure of the cult of progress.
Greer's response was to call Star Trek "lame."  He then spent his next two entries mocking the future promised in Star Trek.  I'll be sure to document that for an upcoming entertainment entry.

*In the time zone where he died, it still is the first anniversary of his suicide, so this retrospective is still timely.  It also means that Apophis Day has an additional layer of doom beyond what I've already assigned to it.

**I promised a conversation in the conclusion of the original entry.
I'll have reaction to Ruppert's death from other bloggers as well as to my comments from other readers of Greer's blog later.  Stay tuned.
I still haven't done that.  Maybe on Apophis Day next year.

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