Sunday, June 3, 2018

'Black Panther' wins its first awards plus 'Stranger Things' and 'Westworld' lead TV winners at Golden Trailer Awards

Last year, the headline for the Golden Trailer Awards was 'Wonder Woman' is already winning awards — for its trailer.  This year, the big speculative fiction winners are "Black Panther" for movies with four wins and Stranger Things and "Westworld for television with three victories each. 

I'll let Collider tell most of the movie news in Black Panther Wins Top Golden Trailer Award.

The 19th Annual Golden Trailer Awards was held at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles last night. ’Black Panther’s “Crown” trailer took home the awards for Best of Show (which Wonder Woman won last year) and Best Action. The film beat out trailers from Avengers: Infinity War, Kingsmen: The Golden Circle, Rampage and Tomb Raider. The “Crown” trailer has over 38 million views as of this posting and the film itself broke all kinds of box office records during its release. At least, some portion of this is due to the incredible trailers that were part of the marketing campaign including the “Crown” trailer. This could signal the first of many awards Ryan Coogler’s film might be receiving as we enter into the second half of the year and nominations for film awards start being announced.

John Rocha and Dorian Parks discuss this news and these awards in this news piece. They explore if the ‘Black Panther’ trailer was worthy of the award against the powerful competition it beat. They also offer their opinions on what made the trailer stand out so powerfully.
In addition to "Black Panther" winning Best of Show and Best Action for "Crown," Deadline reported that it also won for Best Action TV Spot (for a Feature Film) for "Entourage" and Best Action TV Spot (for a Feature Film) for "Women of Wakanda" for a total of four, the most of any movie or television show.  Congratulations to "Black Panther" on its first awards.  Next up, the MTV Movie and TV Awards!

Follow over the jump for the rest of the speculative fiction winners in both movies and television.

Four speculative fiction films tied for second place with two trophies.  "The Shape of Water" came into these awards at eight tying for the most nominated film with "The Hitman's Bodyguard" ("Black Panther" had seven), but won just two, Best Drama for "Escape" and Best Fantasy / Adventure Poster.  The nominators were right; "The Shape of Water" worked as both a drama and a fantasy — magical realism at work.  "Isle of Dogs," which I'm hoping will be nominated for Best Animated Film at next year's Saturn Awards, also won two awards, Best Animation / Family and Best Motion Poster.  My pick so far for the best horror film of the year, "A Quiet Place," joined "The Shape of Water" and "Isle of Dogs" at two awards for Best Horror and Best Horror TV Spot, the latter of which I've seen and think is effective.  "Deadpool 2" joined the two-trophy club by winning Best Teaser and Most Original Trailer.  As for "The Hitman's Bodyguard," only one of its nominations, Most Original Trailer, earned a win.

Three speculative fiction movies earned one award each in the categories competing for Best in Show.  The movie that I think has the inside track to win Best Fantasy Film at next year's Saturn Awards, "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald," won Best Fantasy Adventure.  The Best Summer Blockbuster award went to "The Incredibles 2," which is my early pick to win Best Animated Film at a bunch of awards shows.  "The Meg" had the dubious honor of winning the Golden Fleece.  I wouldn't be surprised if gets nominated for both a Razzie and a Saturn Award next year.

Speaking of that dubious double distinction, "mother!" won Best Sound Editing; the movie itself won Best Sound Mixing at the International Online Cinema Awards (INOCA), so at least there was something good in common between the film and its trailer.  It joined several other speculative fiction winners in the "nonshow" trailer categories.  "Ready Player One" won Best Fantasy Adventure TV Spot (for a Feature Film).  "Solo: A Star Wars Story" earned its first award — Best Summer Blockbuster TV Spot (for a Feature Film).  It should enjoy it; I'm not sure how many other awards it will win.

In the poster categories, "Wonder Woman" earned two awards at this year's ceremony to join its three from last year, Best Action Poster and Best International Poster.  Several speculative fiction movies joined it in winning poster awards.  "Peter Rabbit" won Best Animation / Family Movie Poster.  "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" earned Best Billboard.  The Best Horror Poster went to "Winchester."  "Okja" won Best Independent Poster (Netflix is considered an independent film producer?  I wonder how long it will keep that status).  The IMDB page for "Flatliners" shows no awards, so its win for Best Thriller Poster is its first.  This remake is lucky it didn't earn a Razzie nomination.

Before I leave movies for television, I am pointing out the second biggest winner among movies, "The Square."  The Swedish film earned wins for Best Foreign Comedy Trailer, Most Original Foreign Trailer, and Most Original Foreign Trailer.  Those wins alone make me confident that my votes for it as Best International Film at the Saturn Awards was the right one.

The two biggest winners among television programs were "Stranger Things" and "Westworld" with three trophies each.  "Stranger Things" won Best Fantasy Adventure (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series), Best Music (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series), and Best Sound Editing (in a TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series) for the trailer I embedded in Trailers for 'Stranger Things,' 'Westworld,' 'The Walking Dead,' 'Star Trek: Discovery," and more at San Diego Comic Con.
Oh, boy, "Dragon's Lair," "Thriller," and "Ghostbusters" -- I don't need the Reagan/Bush lawn signs to tell me that it's 1984, specifically, Halloween 1984.*  That written, as soon as I watched it, I told my wife she had to as well.  We both loved it and it made us excited for the series' return.  It also convinced me to make today's post about San Diego Comic Con trailers, something I hadn't done here since 2015.
This trailer was an experience in its own right and deserved every award and nomination it received.  It was effective both as art and advertisement.

This year's three awards for "Westworld" join last year's two awards for Best Horror/Thriller and Best Music.  Last week, the best science fiction series on television won Best Drama (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series) and Best Original Score (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series) for "Locked Inside," the trailer using Ramin Djawadi's arrangement of "Heart-Shaped Box," and Best TrailerByte for a TV Series/Streaming Series for "Out There."

Four other speculative fiction shows won for their trailers, TV spots, and posters.  "BoJack Horseman" earned Best Animation / Family (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series).  The Best Horror (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series) went to "Rellik," a show I hadn't heard of before today, demonstrating why I write about the more obscure awards shows.  "Game of Thrones" received only one trophy for Best Promo for a TV Network.  Finally, "American Horror Story: Cult" earned Best Horror / Thriller TV Series Poster.  This was the only category in which it was nominated, so its wins at the Makeup and Hair Stylists Guild Awards for its promotional campaign weren't enough to sway the Golden Trailer voters.

I might return to these awards for the documentary nominees and winners later.  For now, I conclude today's entry with "Locked Inside" the double-award winning trailer for "Westworld."

Stay tuned for the follow-up to Part 1 of Sears, a tale of the retail apocalypse that I promised for tomorrow.


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