Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Wayne Messam at On The Issues, take one

I complained then made a promise in OnTheIssues.org's take on the Democratic presidential candidates from left to center.
Wayne Messam has a page but no ratings on positions yet, so I'm skipping him for now.  When he gets a real rating, I'll return to him.
As of last week, when I analyzed Joe Sestak at Voteview and On The Issues, Messam still had no rating.  Today, he does.

Based on Messam's current scoring, he has an economic score of 25 and a social score of 65, which leads On The Issues to classify him as a Moderate Liberal, just like Marianne Williamson, whose scores he matches.  That written, there are a number of issues for which On The Issues has not recorded a position to score, so I expect that Messam's rating and classification might change, which is why I called this "take one."  In particular, his position is likely to move left, either to Hard Core Liberal or Libertarian-leaning Progressive.  Should that happen, I will post a "take two."  Stay tuned.

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