Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Drinks for the candidates who didn't make the debates

Yesterday, I promised
to share drinks for the candidates who are still campaigning, but haven't made either debate.  I'm following through, not because I expect they'll make any future debates, but because I want their supporters to have something to drink while they're watching other candidates debate. I also want to be prepared for when they eventually drop out, just as I did for Eric Swalwell earlier this month.  Follow over the jump for the candidates and their drinks.

In alphabetical order, the first candidate is Mike Gravel, who actually qualified for this week's debates but lost the tiebreaker (drinking game at the link) to Steve Bullock.  I elicited a suggestion for his drink from one of Kunstler's readers in the comments to Stagecraft.
Last week, I asked that the readers here would wish me luck because it was time to make a couple of drinking games.  I got a less than enthusiastic reaction, with at least one reader calling it a distraction.  Why, thank you, that's exactly what it was intended to be.  It turned out that I found four drinking games already, but no drinks to go along with them.  Since I didn't feel like re-inventing the wheel, but also wanted to fill an empty niche, I suggested drinks for all the candidates in the debates, both Wednesday and Thursday.  I plan on being a good environmentalist and recycling them for this month's debates in Detroit.
Much to my surprise, that got an apology and a suggestion.
I apologize for that Neon Vincent. I wasn’t in a drinking game type of mood when I came across your post last week and so I told you so. But you know that old clich√©’ what a difference a day makes. Let alone a week! So now I propose you add grape Everclear jello shots to your game somewhere. But imbibe carefully!!!! Too many and you might not know which game you’re playing or where you’re playing it at ;-).
I decided to be gracious.
No problem, SoftStarLight.  All is forgiven.  I'll see about adding Everclear jello shots to the next set of recipes.  I think Mike Gravel would be a good candidate for them, pun intended.
Much to my surprise, Tipsy Bartender does not have a video for these.  They have lots of jello shots (that's how I found the channel six years ago) and lots of Everclear recipes, but no Everclear jello shot recipes.  I'll have to suggest that to Skyy.  In the meantime, here is a recipe from Leaf TV.


    1 1/2 cups water
    1 3-ounce package Jell-O
    1/2 cup 151-proof Everclear


Chill the Everclear in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes or until it's cold.

Bring 1 cup of the water to a boil over medium-high heat. Reserve the remaining water.

Add the powdered gelatin to a medium-sized mixing bowl. Pour the boiling water over the gelatin and stir until the powder dissolves.

Stir the cold Everclear and remaining 1/2 cup water into the hot Jell-O mixture.

Pour the hot Jell-O shot mixture into individual shot glasses or 2-ounce portion cups. Refrigerate for approximately 3 hours or until the gelatin sets.
The other option would be a Duck Fart, the unofficial cocktail of Alaska.
Serious question: Does this shot taste better than it sounds? I sure as hell hope so, 'cause Alaskans go crazy for this layered shot of Kahlua, Bailey's Irish Cream and Crown Royal whiskey. They claim that the "flavors mesh so well together." I'll just take their word for it.
It turns out Tipsy Bartender has a recipe video for it.

>This layered shot is simple, smooth, and creamy!Next, Wayne Messam.

Spoon University, the same source that listed the Duck Fart as the unofficial cocktail of Alaska has the Rum Runner as the unofficial cocktail of Florida, so here is Common Man Cocktails' video.

Let's learn how to make a rum runner cocktail, a rum-based cocktail that was born out of the 1950's and one bars surplus of rum. The Rum Runner is often a pile of rum in a glass with varying recipe designs. Our rum runner? On the rocks, no blender.
Unlike all of the rest of the candidates I'm writing about today, Eater quotes Seth Moulton on his favorite comfort food: "I mean, you can’t beat a burger for a quick classic American meal."  Unfortunately, that's not very helpful.  However, the Salem News article about his wedding reception is.

The wedding couple made the wedding a decidedly North Shore one, offering an assortment of food and beverages from their favorite local restaurants and breweries.

That includes beer from a brewery that Moulton's team helped get started: Bent Water Brewing in Lynn, which was started by two brothers from Marblehead, according to a list displayed at the wedding about what these places mean to the newlyweds.

Other "favorite things" included brew from Notch Brewing in Salem. There were also items from their much frequented Shubies market in downtown Marblehead; The Blue Ox restaurant in Lynn; Firenze Trattoria restaurant in Salem, and Opus, also in Salem, where the couple went on their first date.
Well, it looks like the lucky couple knows how to throw a party.  If one lives in Massachusetts, one can certainly drink the beers named in the article.  Otherwise, I will be a good environmentalist and recycle my suggestion for Elizabeth Warren, who is also from the Bay State.

The alternative would be Spoon University's unofficial cocktail for Massachusetts, the Cape Codder.

With Ocean Spray cranberry juice headquartered in Massachusetts, their signature cocktail MUST feature this yummy drink. What’s better than a basic as f*ck vodka cranberry? Add a lime and call it a Cape Codder.
Next, Joe Sestak

Sestak is from Pennsylvania, which suggests Yuengling Beer.  Not only is it the first drink I thought of, it's what Spoon University listed as well, even though it's not a cocktail.  Hey, great minds think alike!

That brings me to the last candidate in alphabetical order who has not been on the debate stage so far, Tom Steyer.

I have just the drink for him, the Billionaire's Margarita.  Take it away, Skyy and Sophia!

Get your big pimpin' on with the....BILLIONAIRE'S MARGARITA!  This is a small twist on a classic, made with the intention of morphing it into a manlier drink!  It's a refreshing mix of tequila, Grand Marnier, and lime juice.  Drink like a billionaire!
That's it for all the Democratic candidates as well as for July.  Stay tuned for the first post of August!


  1. I'll cop to not having read every word of your debate drinks posts, but I gotta ask "Did you think about using Yukon Jack liqueur as a Gravelicious choice?" Straight up, no mixers!

    I suppose that since the Yukon Territory is in Canada, not the United Shoots, it would be a bit off-kilter. And it's based on Canadian whiskey. But it's the closest thing to a well-known Far North alcoholic beverage that I can think of. I had a bottle in my collection decades ago, and I rather liked it. I see now that it's 100-proof -- damned strong for a flavoured whiskey-based booze (they're typically 60- to 75-proof, as you probably know.) Not sure if I could even find it here.

    1. Not a bad idea, but it didn't occur to me. Someone else got to me first with Everclear jello shots. Besides, Alaska has the Duck Fart and I would have rejected Yukon Jack for the reasons you listed.