Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Michigan media excited about covering this week's Democratic debates

With the second round of Democratic presidential debates here in Detroit tonight and tomorrow, the local media is having a field day covering them and enjoying having the national spotlight shining on Michigan and especially on Detroit.  I begin with WDIV setting up the coverage and explaining what's at stake in Preparing for Detroit's Democratic presidential debates.

CNN is airing the Democratic National Committee-sanctioned debates live from the Fox Theatre in Detroit at 8 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday.
WDIV did a good job of setting things up and capturing the reactions of people on the street.  However WXYZ excels at interviewing the residents of Metro Detroit.  Watch TONIGHT: First of two Democratic debates in Detroit for more spontaneous reactions from locals as well as the preparations the city is making or the debate.

Jennifer Ann Wilson previewed the topics in the next video, Detroit: First of 2 Democratic debates tonight.

Yes, these debates are like the Hunger Games (or the Hungry for Power Games) in that they will eliminate candidates (tributes) as they go along.  WOOD-TV made that an explicit focus in its segment, 2nd Dem debate will be some candidates' last chance to shine.

Democrats gathering in Detroit for a pivotal presidential debate will have to decide, once again, how to respond to President Donald Trump while presenting their own vision for the country.
For supporters of the candidates who made this week's debates, I have drinks for the Democratic candidates, including a few for Steve Bullock, who replaced Eric Swalwell in the second round.  As for the candidates who made neither debate, I plan on posting drinks for them tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

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